Rhubarb & Vanilla Jam

Rhubarb & Vanilla Jam

Scrumptious rhubarb and vanilla jam

We have rhubarb and lots of it. It’s grown like I don’t know what since my husband bought himself a wommery and has used the ‘worm juice’ to fertilise our plants. Some plants especially flowers don’t agree with its potency they wither and die, but the veg patch goes nuts.

So what to do with all this rhubarb. If I had put it in a zillion crumbles by now we’d be the size of a bus, so I decided to preserve it and enjoy over the winter as jam. Jam making feels homely, my mum used to make it by the tonne. The jam jars sat empty all summer until she could find the time to start, and by the end of it I’m sure around fifty jars of raspberry, strawberry and blackcurrant jam all sat on the shelf for the coming winter months. For my mum this wasn’t necessarily a hobby but more a necessity. Back then it was cheaper to make your own jam, bread and even clothes. A time when it was worth all the effort to save those few pence or even pounds. Now items are cheaper to buy, but what is worth the effort is knowing what goes into the jam, where the fruit is grown (even if it is not far from a busy main road) and knowing that it’s made with love.

The recipe I used is scrumptious, it’s from the BBC website http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/251611/rhubarb-and-vanilla-jam  easy to follow and very, very quick. I was pouring the jam into jars within half hour of pulling the rhubarb from the garden.